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Discover. Connect. Celebrate.

You spoke, we listened! Following the success of the 2023 edition of BlueTech Forum, we are excited to announce that we will be returning to the enchanting city of Edinburgh for BlueTech Forum 2024. As we turn our focus to the theme of Innovation in Action, we begin to catalyze the incredible impact and inspirational pledges that were collectively made when we last met in 2023. 

Why attend BlueTech Forum 2024?

Delegates attend the BlueTech Forum to meet with industry influencers, key decision-makers, and the who’s who of the water sector to conduct business, network, evaluate technologies, and stay on top of market trends and opportunities. The BlueTech Forum unites executives from leading water technology companies, venture capital groups, researchers, early adopter utilities, and corporations.

Featured Sessions

Meet our speakers

Lisa Smith Follow me on LinkedIn

Creative Director


Renowned for delivering thought-provoking and high-quality content, the BlueTech Forum promises to inspire, engage, and energize our delegates with an agenda that is designed to create genuine impact and longstanding action that will shape the future of the water sector. 

BlueTech Forum 2024 will feature inspiring speakers from across the globe at the forefront of innovation, a hand-picked innovation showcase of cutting-edge companies and technologies, the latest market intelligence delivered by BlueTech Research analysts, and plenty of dedicated networking time. 

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Utility, Academic and Young Professionals


Price: $1,500

For: (1) businesses and organisations performing a public service and are subject to public control and special governmental regulation, (2)  Scholars and researchers and (3) professionals under 35 who are accompanied by a colleague.

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BlueTech Clients

Price: $2,200


Standard Delegate Pass

Price: $2,500



Sunday, June 2nd

Film Screening

Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey

Brave Blue World Studios is renowned for its commitment to raising the value of water, and with the premiere of "Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey," we continue our mission to shed light on the indispensable role of water in sustaining life on Earth and throughout history. Through mesmerizing storytelling and breathtaking visuals, this documentary promises to take attendees on an immersive journey, exploring the profound connection between humanity and water.


About the Film:

"Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey" delves into the essence of water as the lifeblood of our planet, showcasing its vital significance across diverse cultures and ecosystems. From remote corners of the globe to bustling urban centers, the film introduces viewers to visionary individuals who are pioneering efforts to preserve and rejuvenate our planet's water systems, invoking the wisdom and practices of our ancestors. As our world faces unprecedented challenges posed by climate change, this documentary advocates for a collective shift in consciousness and action, highlighting innovative approaches that offer hope for a liveable future. 


It is the follow-up to our award-winning documentary “Brave Blue World”, which you can find here on Netflix. Though it’s successor, ‘Our Blue World: A Water Odyssey’ is a very different film to ‘Brave Blue World’, with a focus on heartfelt, vivid storytelling that is emotional, relatable, and universal.

Monday, June 3rd


Keynote address by Gerald H. Pollack, Founder of The Institute for Venture Science

Gerald Pollack is a renowned scientist who challenges conventional thinking. He has received numerous awards and is widely recognized as an accomplished speaker and author. The Institute for Venture Science (IVS), which he founded, is dedicated to funding scientific research that poses high-risk/high-reward challenges. By doing so, the IVS aims to achieve fundamental breakthroughs in understanding. The IVS identifies the most promising ideas that challenge prevailing paradigms and simultaneously funds multiple research teams worldwide, increasing the likelihood of success.


Keynote address by Kongjian Yu, Sponge City Pioneer

Professor Kongjian Yu's innovative "sponge city" designs are transforming urban landscapes. By creating cities that soak up downpours, his designs are replacing flooded streets with lush green spaces, and allowing rainwater to nourish cities. Yu's firm, Turenscape, is already turning heads with a project in Bangkok that transformed a wasteland into a network of lakes and wetlands. Over 70 cities in China have implemented his designs, with the government aiming for 80% of cities to become absorbent by 2030. The Sponge City system is inspired by nature's ability to absorb and release water, transforming streets into green havens with mango trees growing where once concrete reigned.


Innovation Showcases

Witness the future of water-tech innovation as 16 exceptional start-ups take center stage in our auditorium. These carefully selected companies were handpicked by our BlueTech Research Analysts over a 12-month cycle and will deliver 2-minute elevator pitches that will leave you inspired and amazed. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience firsthand the cutting-edge solutions that are revolutionizing the water industry. Join us today and be a part of this exciting journey towards a sustainable future!

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Partner Addresses: "My Ikigai, My Water Story"

Get ready! Our partners are taking the stage to share their personal 'origin stories’ about why they got into the water sector and how they developed their innovation mindset. In just 5 minutes, you'll hear their heartfelt tales of passion for water and their hands-on approach to driving change. Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means your 'reason for being’. 

Blue Tech 16.05.23 Assembly Rooms 1-67


5x5s Round 1

Get ready for an exciting and informative session! In just 5 minutes, you'll hear from 5 top watertech innovation partnerships who have achieved great success. These industry leaders will take you on a fast-paced journey, revealing the secret ingredients that made their partnerships work like a charm. You'll come away with invaluable insights, inspiration and practical advice that you can apply to elevate your own partnerships and achieve your goals. Don't miss this chance to learn from the best and take your partnerships to new heights!

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River Walk and Water Stories with Li An Phoa



Tuesday, June 4th


Keynote address by Gary White, CEO & Co-founder, Water.org + WaterEquity 

Gary is the CEO and Co-founder of Water.org, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people in the developing world to gain access to safe water and sanitation. (Water.org is the resulting organization of the July 2009 merger between WaterPartners, co-founded by Gary in 1990, and H2O Africa, co-founded by actor Matt Damon). He developed Water.org’s WaterCredit Initiative, creating new financing options for poor populations to meet their water supply and sanitation needs. Gary also developed and now leads WaterEquity, an innovation of Water.org focused on raising and deploying social impact investment capital. 

Over the past 25 years, Gary’s entrepreneurial vision has driven innovations in the way water and sanitation projects are delivered and financed, innovations that now serve as a model in the sector. 


Innovation In Action x 6 Thinking Hats Workshop

Embark on a dynamic journey of innovation with our '6 Thinking Hats' workshop centred on our 2024 theme, 'Innovation in Action.' Explore practical creativity through Edward de Bono's renowned problem-solving method, examining ideas and models from six different perspectives. Engage in interactive exercises, fostering collaborative thinking through distinct lenses to tackle real-world challenges.  

Refreshments available throughout. 

Action arenas:

6 thinking hats



We'll be exploring three pivotal themes shaping our collective future. Dive into the dynamic relationship between water and energy, strategies for resilience in the face of burnout, and the evolving role of individuals in the economy. 

  • Water + The Energy Transition: Hu Fleming, TAG Team 
  • Burnout + Business Resilience: Michael Matania, Founder, Mycelium 
  • Prosumer Model + The Participation Economy



Gary W

Garry White

Co-Founder and CEO
Water.org and Water Equity
LiAn Phoa

Li An Phoa

Drinkable Rivers
Kongjian Yu

Prof Kong Jian Yu

Founder and Principal Designer
Geral Pollack

Gerald H. Pollack

The Institute for Venture Science (IVS)

Paul O'Callaghan

Founder and CEO
BlueTech Research
Steve Gluck

Dr. Steve Gluck

TAG Member
BlueTech Research
Corina Shika Kwami

Corina Shika Kwami

Senior Director Strategy
Hu Fleming

Hu Fleming

TAG Member
BlueTech Research
Tom F

Tom Ferguson

Founder and Managing Partner
Burnt Island Ventures
Peter Barden

Peter Barden

Impact Campaign Lead
Brave Blue World

Prof Matthijs Schouten

Special Professor of Ecology and Philosophy of the Natural Restoration
University of Wageningen
Sean Benton

Sean Benton

Chief Operating Officer
City of Monroe

Corina Carpentier

TAG Member
BlueTech Research

Gigi Karmous Edwards

TAG Member
BlueTech Research

Grégoire De Hemptinne

Greg Newbloom

Greg Newbloom

John Bertrand

John Bertrand

Co-founder and CEO

Eugene Liu

Managing Director
Andrew Walker

Andrew Walker

Nick Pople

Nick Pople

Managing Director
Northern Lithium
John Favier

John Favier

Paola Hernandez

Paola Hernandez

Climate Adaptation Manager
Max Gangestad

Max Gangestad

COO & Co-Founder
Gross-Wen Technologies Inc
Michelle Aquilar

Michelle Aquilar

CTO and Co-founder


Thank you to our partners


At BlueTech Research, we collaborate with our partners to create multi-dimensional and value-driven partnerships that leverage combinations of expertise, finance, capacity, and outreach to achieve commonly shared goals.

IIf you are interested in joining this inspiring group of generous and insightful partners, get in touch to learn more.


The BlueTech Forum is a boutique industry event, powered by BlueTech Research, which brings together the world’s leading water technology companies, entrepreneurs, investors, and executives from leading research centers to network and hear innovative presentations on market trends and insights.

Since 2010, BlueTech Forum has brought together the brightest minds in the global water sector to find solutions to the water crisis. Uniquely, this event attracts senior leaders of industrial water users, utilities, municipalities, technology providers, investment companies, and academic institutions. All are focused on accelerating the drive towards best practices in water management and net-zero carbon emissions. BlueTech Forum allows you to engage closely with influential peers working towards environmental regeneration and sharing their valuable knowledge. The event is all about fostering innovation with impact.

Friends of BlueTech Forum


All venues are conveniently located within walking distance of the Assembly Rooms and many of the conference hotels.

Film Screening



502 St. James Crescent
Edinburgh, GB EH1 3AE 
Phone: +44 1233 555642 

14-min walk from Assembly Rooms

Seats are limited, secure your spot!

BlueTech Forum

Monday and Tuesday


54 George Street
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Phone: +44 131 220 4348

Set in a convenient city center location, the Assembly Rooms historic building is impressive and with good rail and air links, excellent public transport, and both on-street and long-stay parking nearby. The Assembly Rooms are located within walking distance of all BlueTech Forum contracted hotels.