BlueTech Forum is the industry event you don't want to miss if you want to stay at the forefront of water tech.


As we turn our focus to the theme of Innovation in Action, we begin to catalyze the incredible impact and inspirational pledges that were collectively made when we last met in 2023. 


Paul O'Callaghan

Founder & CEO
BlueTech Research

Our story

 The BlueTech Forum isn't your average industry event. Since 2010, we've been a catalyst for change, convening the brightest minds in the global water sector. We bring together leading water technology companies, visionary entrepreneurs, resourceful investors, and esteemed researchers from top institutions.

Our annual forum is a breeding ground for groundbreaking ideas. It's where industry leaders network, share market trends and insights, and most importantly, collaborate to find solutions to the world's water crisis.

The BlueTech Forum is more than just an event; it's a movement. Join us in 2024 as we showcase innovation in action, celebrate progress, and chart the course for a sustainable water future.

What sets the BlueTech Forum apart

Unique Blend of Participants

We attract senior decision-makers from across the water ecosystem. Industrial water users, utilities, municipalities, cutting-edge technology providers, investment firms, and academic institutions all come together under one roof. This fosters a truly collaborative environment where diverse perspectives collide to spark innovation.

Focus on Actionable Solutions

We don't just talk about the future of water; we make it happen. Our theme for 2024, "Innovation in Action," reflects this commitment. We'll be tracking progress towards real-world impacts, showcasing cities achieving significant water leakage reduction and lower household use. We'll celebrate wastewater treatment plants achieving energy independence and carbon neutrality, and industries making strides towards net-positive water goals.

Championing emerging technologies

The BlueTech Forum is a platform for groundbreaking water technologies with the potential to become unicorns (billion-dollar startups). We identify the top 10 contenders and showcase key companies in each area. This year, delve into the rapidly evolving frontiers of water management, including the energy transition opportunities in lithium and hydrogen, and the transformative power of large language models (LLMs).

Fostering long-term partnerships

BlueTech Research believes in the power of collaboration. We've built successful, long-term partnerships with industry leaders like the Water Environment Federation and Imagine H2O at Weftec for over a decade. This year, we're excited to continue this tradition by co-locating with the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS). This collaboration strengthens our collective impact and creates a vibrant space for exploring new synergies in water stewardship.

“This was the best water conference I’ve been to. Real connections were made to advance our company across the industry.”

Julie Bliss Mullen
Founder & CEO, Aclarity
BlueTech Forum

Why should I come to BlueTech Forum?

BlueTech Forum 2024 is the only water industry event that connects you to executives from leading water technology companies, venture capital groups, researchers, utilities, and industrial end-users. 


Delegates attend to meet with industry influencers, key decision makers, and the who’s who of the water sector to conduct business, network, evaIuate technologies, and stay on top of market trends and opportunities. 


Networking at its finest

BlueTech Forum 2024 will feature inspiring speakers from across the globe at the forefront of innovation, a hand-picked innovation showcase of cutting-edge companies and technologies, the latest market intelligence delivered by BlueTech Research analysts, and plenty of dedicated networking time.